Friday, August 21, 2009

how this changes things

I've had a few questions from people in congregations that would not support blessing of same-sex unions and would not call a pastor in a committed relationship. Here is the info you all need:

I don't have the wording in front of me, but another "resolved" was added to Resolution 4 that seemed to make it more clear that there is room for dissenting opinion in the church. I think it was pretty clear throughout, but it seemed to make a couple people feel like they were being heard, so no harm done.

Basically, passing resolution 3 & 4 mean nothing unless you can't stand to be in the same church body with a congregation like Ebenezer (who would bless same sex unions and call a pastor in a committed relationship). Congergations that disagree will not be forced to accept such actions; there's no pressure or coercion from your synod or discipline for not accepting a gay or lesbian pastor in a committed realtionship in your congregation. There are questions about what happens if you have a congregation that would be willing to call a gay/lesbian pastor in a committed relationship, but a bishop that doesn't support it. More fleshing out to be done by Council of Bishops and ELCA Church Council.

How to live this out fully has yet to be spun out, but we'll live into it a little at a time. Stan Olson's job (exec dir in Vocation & education) just tripled.Those on the prevailing side are trying really hard to respect the fact that this is not actually an unequivocal "win".

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